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On this blog, I will post short stories and poems that I create, art tutorials that I draw, and recipe reviews that I rate.

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Story: Power of Portals Pt. 2 (look in the blog section for Pt. 1)

Ben looked out the window, and he saw someone he recognized staring through the window. He paled, and his hands started sweating. The guy outside was someone he recognized from school, but he didn’t know his name. 

“That was AWESOME,” the person exclaimed. Ben didn’t know what to do, but before he could say anything, the person left. Ben was really scared, like REALLY scared. He could hardly think straight. Then he heard the ding-dong of the doorbell. He got up and went to answer the door, thinking, He’s probably already forgotten about it, right? But he was wrong, because at the door was the very person who saw his portal. He was about to close the door when the person said, “I won’t tell anyone.” Then Ben opened the door just a crack, and then let the stranger in. Once the door closed, the person started talking nonstop, “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you can do that? Do you know why?…”

When he was finished, Ben described his powers to the person (who’s name turned out to be Luke), and made him promise not to tell anyone. Once he left, Ben sighed. It felt good to finally tell somebody, even though it was dangerous.

In Luke’s home, Luke was signing on to his Facebook account. When he was talking to Ben, he found out that Ben didn’t have a Facebook account (because of paranoia), and Luke decided to take advantage of that. He created a post, and uploaded pictures of the portal Ben made. Luke described everything he saw, and shared it all with the world. 

People started commenting, saying it was a sham and the pictures were obviously photoshopped. Luke replied saying that if they didn’t believe him, they could come see for themselves. People came, and they all saw Ben create a portal through his bedroom window. Ben didn’t notice this though.

One day he heard knocking on the door, a lot of it. He opened the door, releasing a mob of people who were asking and screaming about his powers. It looked like a full-blown riot. Ben realized what happened immediately, that Luke had lied and took advantage of him, and he started running. Being in a house, Ben couldn’t run that far, but with portal powers, that was not a problem. He closed his bedroom door and locked it. Then he wished for a portal to what looked like the most lonely deserted place on earth. He sprinted through the purple and blue wispy light, and jumped out. 

After closing the portal, he finally allowed himself to think. He needed to either escape, or make everyone forget about the whole thing. He didn’t want to escape (obviously) so he turned to the second option. Ben decided to stay on the deserted remote island, where no one would find him, to think of a solution.

He spent a lot of time there, but after almost a week on the island (don’t worry he had food and water), he had a sudden thought.

Maybe there are other people who have powers like me! I should have tried finding them long ago. Maybe, if I wish for a portal to someone with powers like mine, one might appear!

Ben closed his eyes, concentrated very hard, and opened a portal.

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